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Terms and Conditions for Applying for the Resident Permit and the Student Visa for Turkish Language Learning Foreigners

Application Procedure

   1. The applicant can apply by forwarding his/her passport info to TAD Antalya
        in person,
        by fax,
        by email
    2. TAD Antalya prepares acceptance document and a petition addressed to the Turkish Embassy for the applicant whose application is accepted.
    3. Applicant is to pay 150 USD while applying for the Turkish Language Course and this payment can be made in cash or through bank transfer and the bank receipt should be sent to TAD   by email or fax.  This payment (150 USD) is part of the cost of your course and will be deducted from the total tuition fees. This deposit is non-refundable in the event of the student visa not being issued for any reasons.

Student Visa Procedure

   1. When the payment is made, TAD will hand in the acceptance, the petition an the invoice for the payment in person, or send them by cargo or email to the applicant.

   2. Upon receiving the documents, the applicant will apply to the Turkish Embassy or the nearest Turkish Consulate in his/her country along with these documents for the student visa. Obtaining the student visa may take nearly three months.

Enrollment with the student visa

    After obtaining the student visa, the applicant will apply to Antalya TAD Language School directorate in person along with his/her passport, student visa to enroll in the Turkish Language course. At that moment, the twelve-month course duration starts.

Residence permit procedure
    After the applicant is registered for the course, TAD will apply to the local authorities for the residence permit on behalf of the applicant. The validity of the residence permit is 6 months and can be prolonged for another 6 months


TAD will guide the student find a suitable accommodation. All charges and expenses concerning accommodation are at student’s own expenses and liability. After being registered, student will be provided with the information about Antalya and the social life in the city
Course materials and payment
   The Turkish Language courses will start after all formalities have been accomplished and the applicant(s) will be informed of the commencing date, schedule and the duration of the Turkish Language course. The visa duration starts the moment the course commences.
    ours books and materials, such as CDs, CD 
roms etc, are at student’s own expenses. Tuition fees and cost of the books and the materials are payable by credit card, in cash (in foreign currency; USD( $US) ,Euro (€ ) or in Turkish Lira )
     Once the student is registered for the Turkish Language Course, he/she is liable for the 12- month tuition fees and is to pay the outstanding fees in the event of quitting the course.

Attending the courses

   Student is supposed to attend the course regularly. It must be noted that the residence permit and the student visa will be nullified if the trainee misses 15 days of the course. TAD cannot not be held responsible in this case, and all fees will remain payable in full.

   Culture tours and entertainment excursions to enjoy the delights of Antalya and the surroundings are organized with extra charge.
Detailed information can be obtained from TAD administration. 

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